The kitchen is the center of the home. It’s a space that’s used frequently for cooking meals and entertaining guests. However, your kitchen might be out-of-date and need some upgrades. A kitchen remodel adds value to your home and makes your kitchen more enjoyable to spend time in. These are a few kitchen remodeling projects that really pay off.

1. Update the Cabinets When Remodeling the Kitchen

The cabinets in the kitchen take up most of the wall space. Changing the cabinets doesn’t have to mean installing new ones. If you have good-quality cabinets in place, then you may simply want to refinish or paint them. Adding new cabinet pulls can also change the entire look of the cabinets.

2. Update the Backsplash

The tile backsplash in a kitchen is a fairly low investment for a kitchen remodel but it makes the room feel more upscale. The visual impact of the backsplash is substantial. You may even be able to install a backsplash on your own. If you’re not sure what type of tile to use, look at your countertops. The backsplash colors should complement the countertop shade.

3. Update the Countertops

A kitchen upgrade that most real estate agents encourage is the countertops. Most homebuyers today prefer upscale countertops like granite or quartz. Laminate is an option that tends to be less desirable. Quartz is a durable material and doesn’t require much maintenance, so it’s a top choice.

4. Kitchen Remodeling to Improve the Lighting

When cooking, you want a space that’s well-lit. Natural light is always great but if your kitchen feels dark, then change the light fixtures. A well-designed lighting plan is a great asset to a kitchen. Recessed lighting can be complemented with pendant lighting in the middle of the room. If your kitchen tends to look a little dark, especially in the winter months, change the lighting plan.

These are a few of the kitchen remodel ideas that are going to pay off. Not only will you find that the kitchen becomes a more inviting space, but you’ll also see greater value when it comes time to sell the house. Since homeowners often want to view the kitchen before any other rooms, the impact of this room cannot be understated. It’s well worth the investment of making some kitchen upgrades.

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