If buying a new home is in your future, you will want to understand the home inspection process. A home inspection is important in determining the condition of a property and helps you feel confident that your purchase is a smart one.

During an inspection, a qualified professional performs a visual assessment of a property. If the home inspector finds a problem, he or she will include it in a detailed report.

An inspection is usually paid for by the homebuyer before closing on the purchase of a house. The inspector helps the buyer understand any potential problems before making a commitment to the purchase. The buyer will often be able to negotiate with the current owner to either fix any existing problems or to reduce the price of the property to reflect the defects.

Understand Why a Home Inspection is Important

What if the inspection reveals unexpected problems? Even a newly built home can have issues. The inspection can save you from buying a home with serious problems or safety issues and it allows you to request that repairs are made before you close.

A professional inspection includes plumbing and electrical, the heating and cooling systems, the roof and attic, the basement and foundation, the windows, and the overall condition of the house.

The buyer should attend the inspection so the inspector can help to understand any problems and explain how to address them.

What a Home Inspection is Not

Ordering a buyer’s inspection is not a guarantee that something won’t happen after you close on a home. The inspector only assesses the condition of the home at the time of inspection.

Don’t expect an inspector to advise you on whether you should buy a specific house. He or she won’t give an opinion on the value of the property. The inspector is not an appraiser, and it’s his or her job to remain impartial during the process.


Different Types of Inspections

Your inspector is also not a code enforcement officer. He or she assesses the condition and quality of specific aspects of the house, which is different than code compliance. A municipal code inspection will also be required, and neither type of inspection should substitute the other.

A home inspection is an important part of the home buying process. A house that looks great to the untrained eye can be hiding a lot of problems. Some banks and lending agencies won’t grant a home mortgage loan without an inspection. Think of the inspection as the first step in protecting your investment.

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