Whether you’re planning to sell your home or you just want to make improvements to the exterior, improve curb appeal to help maintain the property value. This doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul to the siding, roofing, and landscaping; sometimes simple additions and improvements are all it takes to make a difference.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint to Improve Curb Appeal

If the doors, window trim, and siding of the home are looking a little drab, it may be time to add a new coat of paint. Be intentional with your color choices to help the home stand out in the neighborhood.

Update Landscaping

A property with too little landscaping feels empty and uninviting. On the other hand, out-of-control hedges and overgrown gardens are unappealing also. To make lawn care easier, come up with a practical landscape design, using native perennials and annuals when possible. These plants will require less attention while still contributing to a beautiful landscape around your home.

Driveways & Walkways

When a potential buyer takes a tour of your home, they will notice the exterior features. If the driveways and walkways leading to the property aren’t in good condition, that’s going to influence their perception of the home’s quality. Just like a fresh coat of paint, a repaved driveway helps to embellish a beautiful home. Being creative with stone edging and other types of walkway borders will also go a long way toward improving curb appeal.


Elegant lighting features in the yard and throughout the landscaping add ambiance, and landscape lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. Even basic solar lights lining the walkways will beautify your property and boost safety at night. Make sure the home has adequate lighting all around so visitors and prospective buyers feel secure after dark.

Improving Curb Appeal Involves Routine Maintenance

Most of the time, improving curb appeal is simply a matter of taking care of routine maintenance. Is the front deck of the home covered with mold or algae growth? If so, a pressure washer will restore the materials to a like-new condition. The same goes for your walkways. The textured surface of concrete collects dirt and can benefit from regular pressure washing.

You’ll also want to have a schedule for lawn maintenance. Keep the lawn mowed, weeded, and fertilized. Make sure that hedges are trimmed and that other flower beds are well-maintained. If there are trees in the yard, prune overgrown limbs as necessary for the sake of appearance and to prevent them from becoming hazardous to the home.

Improving curb appeal is a hands-on process, but it’s worth the time.  You’ll feel good about maintaining your investment and captivate the attention of prospective buyers who visit your property.

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