Most people spend the majority of their time at home, so it’s important to take some extra steps to keep the home healthy and safe.

Prevent Mold to Keep Your Home Healthy and Safe

Mold in your home is a big threat to your health. Mold causes severe allergies, respiratory problems, and even chronic neurological issues like memory loss. Mold needs moisture to thrive, so the best way to prevent it is to keep your home dry. Address any leaks and pull excess moisture out of your home’s air with a dehumidifier.

Filter Water

Tap water often contains contaminants, whether it comes from a municipality or a well. All drinking water should be filtered. There are many different types of water filters and you won’t know which one will be most effective for your household without first having your water tested. Learn which contaminants are in your water and then choose the appropriate type of water filter for your home.

Check Your Older Home for Dangers

Homes built in the 1980s and before may have dangerous materials like lead paint and asbestos. It is important to learn whether these materials are in your home, especially if you are planning renovations. When lead paint or asbestos is disturbed, the dust from them is unhealthy to breathe. It can cause serious, lasting health problems like cancer and learning disabilities in children.

Monitor Fire Alarms to Keep Your Home Healthy and Safe

Smoke alarms alert your family to house fire so they have more time to escape. It isn’t enough to simply have the alarms installed; they must be tested monthly to make sure they’re working properly. Also, test carbon monoxide alarms so that your family will be alerted to the presence of this invisible, deadly gas.

Safe Outdoor Areas

Loose deck rails and stairs and broken deck boards pose a hazard in your outdoor living spaces. Fix any wobbly parts of the deck and remove and replace protruding nails that could hurt someone. If you have a grill or fire pit, practice proper fire safety when enjoying them.

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