When we think about home renovation projects, most homeowners assume kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom upgrades. These spaces are, without question, important areas of every home, but sometimes we neglect rooms essential to everyday living. From the laundry room to the basement, every area of your home deserves attention and can benefit from improvements. Here are a few ideas to update overlooked spaces in your home.

Ideas to Update Spaces That Are Often Overlooked

1. The Laundry Room

The laundry room is often neglected because it’s generally hidden from guests. Update the laundry room to make a mundane household chore more interesting. Paint the walls a bright, uplifting color, creating a more inviting space. Install open shelves or add cabinets to store detergent and fabric softeners. Replace dull fluorescent lights with warmer lighting and add a lamp to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Personalize your new laundry space with artwork.

2. Update Overlooked Spaces: Staircases

Renovate the staircase to add character and create an eye-catching focal point. Begin by either painting or refinishing the stairs. To improve the aesthetic and add texture, install a runner in a bold color or pattern and install decorative brackets to support the handrails. Adding a chandelier or wall sconces will give your staircase a complete transformation.

3. Attic or Loft Improvements

Use neglected attic or loft space. Start by clearing the room and assessing the dimensions. You may need to add flooring, insulation, or lighting to create a usable area. If your attic is larger, build a playroom, a gym, or a craft room. A small loft is perfect for a reading area or home office. Finishing the attic will provide your family with additional living space to enjoy.

4. Mudroom Updates

A mudroom is often the gateway to a home and a place to store shoes, coats, and jackets before entering the main part of the house. Make this space a functional, welcoming area that suits your family’s needs. Add shelves or cabinets to organize your footwear and outdoor gear. Choose colorful wallpaper or add paint to make this space welcoming. Install hooks or a rack to organize hats, bags, and keys. If you have room, incorporate a bench to take your boots off when you arrive home.

5. Improve the Garage

If you’re like many homeowners, the garage quickly becomes unorganized and cluttered. But, with some effort, you can convert this space into a useful place to park the car, and that doubles as a work area. Install wall-mounted cabinets and drawers to accommodate tools and make them easy to access. Hooks are useful for bikes, lawn tools, and other miscellaneous items. Paint the walls with durable paint that’s easy to clean, and add bright lighting to illuminate the space.

Every overlooked space in your home has the potential to become a functional and appreciated spot. Whether it’s the mudroom, garage, or attic, all it takes is creativity and effort to transform these spaces into useful, stylish areas you and your family will enjoy.

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