Plants are an easy and affordable way to add life and color to outdoor living areas. But with so many options, deciding which plants are best for your space can be challenging. Here are a few popular plants for your patio you can enjoy all summer.

Best Plants for Your Patio: Lavender

Lavender is a great choice for patios because of its fragrant blooms and easy maintenance. This low-growing shrub is drought tolerant and best grown in full sun or light shade. Plant several in a container to create a low barrier on your patio or deck. Prune lavender in late winter or early spring so it doesn’t become too leggy.

Herbs for the Patio or Deck

Herbs like sage, mint, and rosemary are great for growing in containers on the balcony or patio. They offer fragrant foliage and edible leaves to use in a variety of recipes. Cilantro is another great choice. This herb grows quickly and easily from seed and produces aromatic foliage that can be used in cooking. Cut your herbs back before they go to seed to keep the plant growing through the summer. For best results, provide herbs with lots of sunshine and keep them watered during dry spells. If your plants get too big or woody, trim them to encourage new growth.


Fuchsia is a brightly colored flowering plant that is attractive in containers and hanging baskets. They provide bright, long-lasting blooms from late spring into fall. Fuchsias need regular watering and should be protected from strong winds. They also enjoy shade from the hot sun, so place the containers in a sheltered spot on your patio.

Petunias are Some of the Best Plants for Your Patio

Petunias are classic favorites for patio containers and borders. Their bright blooms provide color all summer long if you deadhead them regularly and keep them watered. Petunias prefer full sun but will tolerate some shade. They also need to be periodically fertilized for the best growth.


Hostas are a great choice for shady patios. These plants have beautiful foliage in variegated colors and provide texture to any outdoor space. Hostas thrive in well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter. They need regular watering during the summer months.

You can easily create a beautiful and inviting patio space with these plants. These popular plants have different needs regarding sun exposure, water requirements, and soil conditions, so research before planting to make sure you understand their care requirements.

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