Many homeowners enjoy decorating with houseplants. Plants reduce stress and help improve indoor air quality. When you live with pets, it’s necessary to be careful when selecting plants for your home. Some common houseplants, such as poinsettias and ivy, are toxic to dogs and cats. Thankfully, plenty of pet-friendly houseplants won’t harm your animals.

Common Houseplants That are Pet-Friendly

Spider Plant

Spider plants grow well as houseplants because they thrive in the shade. They have long, slender striped leaves. Spider plants are not only safe for pets; they help improve indoor air quality.

Ponytail Palm

If you like the look of palm trees, you’ll enjoy the ponytail palm. This plant is a small species of palm that only grows to a few feet tall. Its fronds fall around the plant in a shape that resembles a ponytail. These unique trees thrive in pots and are very low-maintenance. You only have to water them once a week.

African Violets are Pet-Friendly Houseplants

If you prefer flowering plants, an African violet is a great choice. They require special care if you want them to bloom year-round. You’ll need to fertilize an African violet often and keep it in good light to grow gorgeous purple or pink flowers.

Venus Flytrap

Although it is known for eating small insects, the Venus flytrap is a pet-friendly houseplant. These plants need several hours of direct sunlight, good soil, and occasional access to flies or gnats. They do well in a patio or sunroom where you can open the windows.

Polka Dot Plant

The polka dot plant is bold, colorful, and makes an impression. These plants have attractive green leaves dotted with pink or red pigment. They do well in indirect light and moist soil, making them suitable for most homes.

Pet-Friendly Houseplants: Rattlesnake Plant

The rattlesnake plant is another excellent choice for pet owners. It is not hazardous to cats or dogs, and its scent keeps them away. So, you don’t have to worry about them digging in your rattlesnake plant’s soil. These plants have textured, dark green leaves with a hint of purple on their undersides. They’ll thrive as long as they have a bit of sun and water.

Any of these pet-friendly house plants would be a lovely addition to your home. Choose plants you feel confident caring for and those you find visually appealing.

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