Many things can lead to the need to relocate, from supporting relatives to accepting an exciting new job. If you have to move in the colder months of the year when snow and ice can be an issue, you may feel a bit nervous about the prospect. Follow these tips for moving in winter and set your mind at ease.

Planning Your Winter Move

If you are moving in the coldest months of the year, be flexible and keep an eye on weather conditions. Being willing and ready to deal with schedule and route changes will help to make your move go smoothly.

While you may have to deal with severe weather, there are also benefits to moving in the winter. Because fewer people move in the colder months, you’ll more likely be able to hire your preferred movers for the exact days and times that you want. The reduced demand for moving companies sometimes also means a lower price to move in the off-peak winter season.

Dealing with Snowy Weather When Moving in Winter

As long as you take appropriate safety precautions, there is no reason why you can’t move in the snow.

Clear the path from your home to the moving truck, paying special attention to the steps. The goal is to avoid a slip or fall. Spread salt or sand to help melt the snow and ice and to provide better traction on smooth surfaces. Take care to prevent tracking the ice-melt into the house. Because ice-melt and salt can scratch floors, spread heavy canvas tarps on the paths the movers will travel through your home.

The moving vehicle should also be properly maintained and capable of handling the snow. In some areas, snow tires or chains may be necessary. If you’re using professional movers, pay attention to the weather forecast and stay in contact with the moving company. They have experience with winter moving and can tell you what to expect. You may need to be flexible and work around the weather if a winter storm occurs.

Safety Precautions for Your Move

If you’re moving in the winter, set aside warm and weatherproof clothes while you’re packing. Stock up on water and non-perishable foods in case you become stranded by bad weather and poor road conditions. Pack an emergency kit and place it in the back of your vehicle along with a de-icer and a shovel.

Stay up to date on the weather predictions and allow your moving timeline to be flexible. Take safety precautions for the journey and you will be well on your way to a successful winter move.

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