5 Garage Storage Solutions

Keeping the garage neat and orderly is no easy task. The garage often becomes a catch-all space for things we don’t use on a daily basis. You might use it for storing tools, gardening supplies, and sporting equipment. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for when your garage is an organized space. Here are a few great ideas for garage storage.

Use Bins for Storage

To keep your belongings clean and dry, use plastic storage bins. These are inexpensive and available in stores and online. Label each bin with its contents so you can easily identify what’s stored there.

Install Hooks

Your walls are valuable vertical space that can be used for storage. Installing hooks or clips on the wall is a great way to use this space. Store your garden hose on a hook. The rake, shovel, ax, and other long-handled tools can be held securely by the clips.

Hang the Bikes

Letting your bike lean against the wall is not the best solution for storage and it takes up floor space. Consider other options for bicycle storage like hooks that you screw into the rafters, steel racks that mount to the walls, and a pulley system that hoists the bikes toward the ceiling. These options save space in the garage and keep your bicycles from being damaged.

Metal Pegboard is Great for Garage Storage

Compared to wood or particleboard, metal pegboards are solid and sturdy. Purchase hooks, baskets, bins, clips, and shelves that insert into the pegboard to build your own customized storage solution. Tools, garden equipment, crafting supplies, and car-care necessities can be stored on the pegboard in plain sight.

You’ll have a clear inventory of your belongings and open storage makes it easier to put things back when you’re finished with a project. Install the pegboard above your workbench for convenience.

Metal Shelving

Some items in your garage may be too heavy to be mounted on the wall. In this case, metal shelving is an excellent investment. It is more expensive than plastic or pressed-wood options, but it is worth the price. This type of shelving is sturdy and durable and a great option for garage storage.

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