Buying a new house often requires several projects and upgrades to make the home your own. These improvements might range from a fresh coat of paint to installing a security system. To help you determine which tasks to tackle, here are ten things to do during your first year in a new home.

Things to Do During Your First Year After Moving Into a New Home

1. Take Care of Essential Maintenance and Repairs

Prioritize essential repairs after moving into a home. These could include fixing plumbing issues, updating the electrical system, repairing or replacing the roof, and any other significant concerns discovered during the home inspection.

2. Paint

An easy way to renew the living space is to apply a fresh coat of paint. This is an inexpensive update to the house that customizes the area to suit your décor.

3. Add Insulation During Your First Year in a New Home

Despite the weather outside, it is essential to make sure that your house is adequately insulated. If there are gaps around the doors or windows, use caulk to seal these as soon as possible. Add batting insulation to the attic if it is missing, insufficient, or damaged. Having adequate insulation reduces your energy bills year-round.

4. Give the Yard a Makeover

Another easy way to make a new house your home is to upgrade the landscaping. After moving in, clean up the yard, purchase patio furniture, add shrubbery and new plants, and start a vegetable garden.

5. Test the Smoke Detectors

When you move in, verify smoke detectors are located throughout the house. Test the detectors and replace the batteries.

6. Replace the Furnace Filter

Replace the HVAC or furnace filter soon after moving in. This allows you to heat and cool your home with fresh, clean air. When maintaining these systems, replace the air filters every 2-3 months.

7. During the First Year in a New Home, Meet the Neighbors

Introduce yourself to the neighbors when you move in. Meeting your neighbors is a great way to get to know the area. Having connections in your neighborhood is helpful when you need a favor or recommendation.

8. Install a Security System in the First Year in a New Home

If your home comes with a security system, test it to make sure it is working correctly. If you don’t have a security system, just after moving in is a great time to install one.

9. Upgrade the Home’s Lighting

Another significant home improvement to consider is an upgrade to modern LED bulbs. These will reduce your energy consumption and save you money in the long run.

10. Create a Homeowner’s Journal

Create a journal to record receipts and repairs you have done around the home. Include contact information for the companies that handled repairs in case you need them at a later date. Pass on the notebook to the next owner if you sell the home in the future.

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